Free range chicken

As the light crept into the sky this morning, I saw a queer sight.  What appeared to be a chicken strutting along the garden fence.  Now, you might dismiss my thoughts as mere indulgence-of-a-young-child’s-imagination, but real chickens do live in my backyard and this particular chicken statue looks quite chicken-like in the pre-dawn half light.

After my brain adjusted to what I actually saw, I remembered a quick comment from the young child the night before: “I forgot to lock up Peg” [‘Lock up’ definition – return to the chicken coop and shut the coop to protect from night time predators].

Everything clicked into place for me once I saw Peggy strutting around the backyard.

All of the chicken statues and stuffed animals that reside in or around my house are called Peg, short for Peggy.  Not because of any wooden legs, but rather from the fun story “Peggy: A Brave Chicken on a Big Adventure” by Anna Walker.  It’s a quick read about a chicken’s adventure in a city, having been blown there by a storm.  For a child with backyard chickens, this story set the imagination alight.

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  1. Anna Walker’s Peggy was the top choice of the booksellers at White Birch Books in North Conway in 2014. So glad I bought it, I fell in love with her too!

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