Try #2 (really, it’s still book #1): The Bunny Rabbit Show! by Sandra Boynton

In my first attempt to provide some mental fertilizer for you, I started to write a description of Wendell Berry’s “The Unsettling of America”.  The book is excellent, but my write up got stuck in the mental version of quicksand.  Wendell Berry will wait for another day.

Today, I’ve got the board-book “The Bunny Rabbit Show!” by Sandra Boynton.  Awesome book for little kids, the mental equivalent of a pumpkin whoopee pie for adults.  Boynton has been writing kid’s books since the mid 1970’s, and she has written prolifically.

Boynton writes about hippos, bunnies, cows, barnyards, dogs, pajamas and even singing pigs; this specific book is about…dancing and singing bunny rabbits.  The sing-song writing style makes the book enjoyable for child and parent each time its read.  The book practically asks to be sung.  At times, my daughter will almost dance along as I read the book aloud.

“The Bunny Rabbit Show!” is one of my favorites because I get to act like a kid again.  Belting out atonal tunes with my semi-nasaly voice elicits the occasional growl from the dogs and peals of laughter from my daughter (probably eye rolls from my wife).  At first I was embarrassed to sing a book to my daughter and really only read in a stilted manner.  After reading a few books, I understood that my daughter doesn’t care (or know) if I’m a good singer, she just enjoys the time we spend reading/singing.  In addition, if I have fun reading, my daughter has fun listening and learns that dad is a fun guy.

Beyond just singing the book to my daughter, I have enjoyed watching as she now discerns aspects of the book she couldn’t in the past.  For instance, when she was 18mos, she just enjoyed the tuneless tune that I sung, but now, at two and a half, she picks out the ‘bunny rabbits’ that aren’t (chicken, duck, and pig).

The cacophony produced by reading this book causes only the most properly trained singers to cringe.



A quick hello.


Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I’ll be fleshing out the blog over the next few days, but wanted to say a quick ‘hi’ and give you a little background on this blog and what I plan to share here.

First, I conceived of this blog after reading this article about how many dads do NOT read to their kids.  A little more research seems to back up the original author’s research.  After reading this article, I thought back to my days as a hammer-swinging contractor and realized that most of the other guys with me didn’t read to their kids.

I was really lucky to have a dad who read to me.

I read to my daughter almost every night.  A few books every day.  I’m not a spectacular reader, but my daughter doesn’t care, she just enjoys the stories.  At this point she has a huge library and has most of her books memorized.  She loves the ‘scritch-scratching’ of the Tailipo (she even sees them in the woods on occasion); she knows that dad can be a grumbly bear in the morning without his coffee; her imaginary friends originate from the stories we read to her but now have lives of their own outside the books.

I want to share the fun I have reading through this blog and YouTube.  I’ll share the books we enjoy reading.  In addition, I’ll share some of the books I enjoy reading so you have a better sense of who I am.  I want to show other dads (and moms) how much fun reading can be and to share the books that we enjoy.  Lastly, as we do something that I think is fun, I’ll also post that to this blog (ginger beer anyone?).

I would like to provide a space for other dads to show their reading skills and favorite books.  If you email me, I’ll provide details for how to get your favorite books posted here.

Take the iPad away from your kid and read!

I do use affiliate links on the blog, so if you want to use them and purchase a book, your purchase will help support this blog.